Carex, Acorus, Ophiopogon, Uncinia; Versatile room, terrace and garden plants

As a florist you can process our plants in your indoor or outdoor arrangements. The plants also come into their own as a solitary in an overpot. Put a Carex in the bathroom! It is also beautiful as an office plantingl. In addition, the species are suitable as a terrace or garden plant.

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Thijs Dekkers is constantly looking for new plant species that strengthen the current range. Plants that are available in a small pot size and that prove themselves in the home and in the garden. Plants that are also perfectly applicable in arrangements.


For more than 40 years, the family-run business Thijs Dekkers Potcultures has grown several kinds of fine potted plants. The parents of Thijs, Jos and Francien, are the founding fathers of the company. Over the years, the company has gradually expanded. The assortment has also been continuously on the move. Year round the plants in the 12,000 m2 large greenhouses are propagated and sent to the Floraholland customers.


Carex, Acorus, Ophiopogon and Uncinia

These are versatile room, patio and garden plants. All beautiful in hanging baskets!

Carex is a plant family with as many as 2,000 different species that have been distributed throughout the world. The brunnea species are from the island of the same name in Japan. The name Carex comes from the Greek language and indicates the sharp teeth on the leaf edges. These teeth prevent grazing animals from eating these plants.

When you put Carex in your house, make sure you have a light, cool pitch. Not in full sun. Always keep the soil moist. Manure regularly. Keep Carex in the sun or partial shade. When you put the plant in the ground, dip the soil for planting in water. On the terrace, these plants are ideal for standing in a pot or basket. They give every arrangement character! Outdoors, the leaves of Carex can tan and die in the winter. Cut this back in the spring, and new leaves will start to run out.

This plant feels best at home in very wet conditions, for example on the edge of a pond. When you put Acorus in the house, make sure to place a light, cool pitch and keep the roots very moist. The roots give preference to a layer of water in the pot. Manure regularly. Outside, Acorus feels most comfortable at the edge of a pond or at a wet spot. Also beautiful in a container or arrangment.

The Ophiopogon species are particularly strong. They stand in their homes in almost all places. Give them regular water and manure. Ophiopogon also does not disappoint in the garden or on the terrace. They can stand in full sun, or in the shade. Also in terrace pots they give a wonderful feeling.

Give Uncinia a cool, light spot in the house, not in full sun and manure sparingly. On the terrace or balcony this plant feels good at home, also in arrangments. Place this plant in the garden in a light place, in a well drained soil. Protect this plant against the deep frost.

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